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Sadie The Dam

This is Sadie before I shaved her britches and underside. I shave her because she has tiny puppies and the little ones can get wrapped up or even strangled in her long fine undercoat. Shaving helps a great deal to keep her clean while the litter is nursing and she's discharging over the next 8-10 weeks.

Oh-No ...I Won't Look

All Clipped and ready to go....I asked her to show me her puppies and she got shy with the camera ...Her girlish figure is all but lost. She's just started labor so it won't be long until she's half this size. Her x-ray at 56 days showed 5 puppies! This is a large litter for a chihuahua. I don't have x-rays done earlier because sometimes the fetuses don't show up on the x-ray at an earlier stage, and I don't risk exposing the unborn puppies to unnecessary radiation.

Rolling In Pain

See That Look...She's very uncomfortable and is trying to roll the pain away. This stage is right before she starts to rip up the towels, chatter and dig.

Playpen/Whelping Area

All ready to go. I thought you'd like to see this before it gets messy and is it ever going to get messy! I use white towels so I can tell the true color of fluids. It's helpful to know if she's leaking new blood (red) or old blood (brownish red). Green fluid could be a ruptured placenta. I find if you use colored towels you can never be sure what color anything is and that could cost you the litter or worse, the Mom's life.

My Instrument Tray

I use the cover to my whelping box as a tray for all the supplies I need to deliver the litter. I open the box, turn the cover over, line it and fill it with all my tools a few days before my lady is due. Must be ready! I may not need everything I have gathered but experience has taught me it's better to have it ready and not need it than to need it and not be able to find it in a hurry.

The Scale

One of the most important things to have on hand is a good digital scale. This model weighs in pounds/ounces/and grams so I can get an accurate weight and tell if the puppy is gaining everyday as expected, even if the weight gain is only a few grams. I line it with a white kleenex before weighing the puppy.

The Warming Box

The whelping box cover holds my whelping equipment including the scale. I flip the cover and put all my tools on it and then plug in the whelping box so it's nice and warm for the puppies. I cut the cord, suction the puppy, rub them with a towel and put 2 drops of Nutri-Drops in their mouth, then I warm them until the Mom is finished delivering the litter and is ready to rest with them. The newborn puppies need a few hours to warm up and recover from the trauma of birth while their Mom needs to concentrate on labor. Having the puppies with her distracts her and can slow labor.

The Whelping Area

Set up in my bedroom so I can keep a close watch over them in case I need to help one back to Mom should they stray during the night. After their eyes open and I feel they're past the critical period, I move them to the Puppy Room so they can socialize with the rest of the house and get used to normal household noises.

First Puppy Coming Down

Where she's all puffed out is where the first puppy has just moved down to. One more push and the head should pop through.

The First Puppy Is Half Way Out

The puppy is head first and the sac is intact. This is how a normal delivery should be. Sadie gave one more push and out the whole puppy came, afterbirth and all.

It's A Chocolate And Tan Female!

I clamp the umbilical cord, then I hold the clamp in place for one full minute until I cut the cord. I don't like to use dental floss like many breeders do because it takes too long to get it tied. Next I rub the puppy vigorously in the towel until I'm sure she's breathing well. Then I give two drops of Nutri-drops in the mouth and weigh her, she weighed in at 1.9 oz.. After that I place her in a warmer until she recovers from the trauma of birth.

The Second Puppy

Just one half hour after the birth of the first puppy we have a bubble emerging from the vaginal canal. I can see the puppy is right there and only a few pushes away from birth.

Almost Born

The Mom is really bearing down and can't seem to move this one without yelping!

Second Puppy Is A Blue Male!

His weight is only 1.12oz. He's very tiny and he sucked back some fluid but we have him suctioned and he seems to be breathing fine now. Fluid in the lungs can lead to serious complications. He's the smallest of the two males.

Here's The Third Puppy

Head first and out like a rocket in one push. Sadie is a 5 pound even dog and she gained 2- 1/2 pounds during this pregnancy. She really likes to eat and we let her!

Third Puppy Chocolate Tri Female

The biggest in the litter, this lady weighs in at 2.3 oz. I lost the afterbirth with this puppy which means Sadie must get a shot of Oxytocin after she's done delivering so she can expel the retained placenta. A retained placenta can cause a life threatening infection or other serious complications. My vet knows when my females are ready to deliver and I keep his phone number handy, just in case.

Fourth Puppy

No sac this time, the puppy is climbing out himself. I'm hoping Sadie gives a push because he's actually swimming in the air trying to get out. Sadie can deliver puppies but doesn't assist in any part of the process. Once she's done delivering the litter her Mother instinct kicks in - but not until she's all done. Then she begins to ask for her puppies. If I didn't get each puppy going, they'd just lay there and fight to breathe waiting for her.

Fourth Puppy Is A Blue Male!

While not as small as the chocolate girl, he's still quite small. This little darling weighs just what the scale shows - 2.3 oz.

Puppy Number Five Is On The Way

The puppy seems to be presenting head first but once again there is no sac in sight. It took an hour between the last puppy (number four) and this puppy and the Mom struggled to get the puppy this far for 1/2 hour straight. I was starting to worry she was tiring so I gave her 2 ML of nutri-drops and that did the trick.

Still Pushing!

I moved in to pull this one out because Sadie just plain stopped pushing. She said she's done and I'm sure she's telling me the truth.. Now I must go in and fish for afterbirths (retained placentas). Sometimes something that looks like a bloody string is visible and I can grab it and pull on it using slow, steady tension and it will slide on out ... sometimes not.

Fifth Puppy Is A Chocolate Tri Female

She weighed in at 2.1 oz and is the last of the litter. All the puppies are doing well and resting on the warmer while waiting for Mom to expel the retained afterbirths, get her bummy bath and a clean bed, then I'll ring the dinner bell. When I move or handle the puppies they try to suck on my fingers, they're so strong! This is exactly the way healthy puppies should be, lively and vigorous, not listless or quiet.

The Whole Litter Resting In The Warmer

There are two blue and tan males, one chocolate and tan female and two chocolate-tri females. The chocolate-tri females are the big guns of the litter! The whelping went smooth as planned. This is not the norm for Chihuahuas and this female is the only one of my female's that I'm sure can deliver a litter without the assistance of a vet. She's line bred and comes from a line of great free whelpers, however at the first sign of trouble I would be on my way to the vet with her and her puppies.

Introducing Sadie And Her Litter Of Five

Sadie did a wonderful job and was sweet as candy even with me sticking a camera in her face through it all. She totally trusts me so whatever I want is fine by her. Everyone that's ever met Sadie loves her dearly because she has the friendliest of temperaments and just loves everyone she meets!

Puppy #3 will remain with me. Her name is "Blueboys Not So Plain Jayne". In this photo Jayne is 10 weeks old.

Puppy #4 has been named Bruiser,and he too will be going home to his new Mom and Dad very soon.

Puppy #5 has been named "Rosemary" by her new Mom and Dad. Soon she will be ready to go to her new home. Welcoming Rosemary to her new home will be her sister Basil. In this photo Rosemary is 10 weeks old.

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